Shasta Pools in the news

January 20, 2009

I’ve been hearing so much about Shasta Pools in the news lately. I was familiar with the pool design company since I visited my friend’s house in Arizona. She had a pool party to celebrate her new home attribute. I had no idea that pools could be so artistically unique. And as it was told to me, the usually dreadful process of having your backyard torn up and reconstructed was a breeze.

So when I read about the latest trend with Shasta Pools, it caught my attention. Malls throughout Arizona are incorporating the one-of-a-kind designs into the structure of their new developments.

The water experience provides a playful splash pad that is illuminated by colorful lights and large jets give children streams of water to play. This splash pool design is also available for the backyard. Shasta Pools has yet again proved to be the forward-thinking pool design company. Even if just for splashing around.