Jared Metz: Start something

December 18, 2008

You’ve got a great new idea? You’re ready to start your own business. Great!

Where’s the money? you ask.

Surprisingly, there more funding sources that you may think in New York City. Jared Metz, for example, is a fellow entrepreneur who has a knack for making things happen, and now finances businesses for projects.

Jared Metz founded his first company straight out of college. His path into the funding business is an interesting road map. Starting off in medical entrepreneurial field, he transitioned into entertainment production, and then organizing a comedy festival and a program for gift suites for major Hollywood award shows.

If you have an idea and are up for a challenge, go after it! Do your research. And follow Jason Metz as an example of how talent and determination can trump anything. And, perhaps one day, Jason Metz will be helping fund one of your major projects!