Being a New Yorker, I can vouch for the convenience Amos Tamam has provided for citizens of the five Burroughs.

I know many like meĀ  who has opted for a taxi ride, instead of subway ride, in the wee hours of the morning, and its raining. And, after several minutes of standing in the pouring rain, an open cab finally agrees to take you to Brooklyn. So, there you are. You’re sitting in the back of a cab… without any cash.

Amos Tamam developed a device that allows taxi riders to pay for their fare with a credit card using wireless technology. So smart. This means passengers don’t have to worry about carrying around loads of cash, but either do cab drivers. The entire system is safer, and much more efficient.

I’ve heard that Amos Tamam is still at work creating new technology for taxi cabs in New York City, Philadelphia, and eventually, cities everywhere.