For the love of Chocolate!

December 2, 2008

Ever wonder why you love chocolate?

And, not only love it, but crave it. Seek it out. Desire it. Have an insatiable hunger for it!

It’s because chocolate and chocolate candy release a chemical into your body that is very similar to the one that is produced when you are in love. This transportation into bliss is called, sensory ecstasy. In fact, chocolate was so revered so powerful by the Aztec Indians that they regarded it as an aphrodisiac.

So, indulge! When you need or someone you know is feeling down, stop by your local chocolatier (Fannie Mae is a good one) and fall in love–with chocolate.

And if you ever find yourself feeling the tiniest bit guilty, just remember that chocolate contains antioxidants which may help prevent cancer and heart disease.

Here’s to your health, happiness, and love of chocolate!