As a freelance writer, tax season always promotes a certain anxiety into my usually calm everyday life. As I mentioned, I’m a writer, and not-so-number-savvy. Couple this characteristic with being an independent contractor and I’m do fear being in debt to the IRS. For these reasons, I am grateful to the friend that told me about the service, ATR, or American Tax Relief.

The American Tax Relief service specializes in helping people resolve their delinquent tax liabilities by settling tax debt, becoming involved to stop wage garnishment and property seizures, helping avoid outrageous monthly payments, removing penalties, and settling state and payroll tax. And the best part, millions of American taxpayers may be eligible for settlements.

For many reasons, leaving my full-time corporate job for a freelance career has been a daunting feat. However, know that services such as American Tax Relief are available. I am able to breath a little easier during tax season. And, that is a relief.