Tennis Tips from Nachshon Draiman

January 19, 2009

I love everything about the sport tennis: watching it, the style of it, the history of it . . . playing it. I add the last with hesitation because as much as I do enjoying playing tennis, I am not-s0-good at tennis. So, while perusing the Internet, I found some advice on preparing for a match from from tennis enthusiast, Nachshon Draiman.

Nachshon Draiman reminds us to remember to that tennis is a mental game and to prepare before even stepping onto the court. One key element is to know your opponent. Get know their strengths weaknesses and how to match it with your own abilities.

It’s also important to ask yourself two questions, according to Nachshon Draiman, when preparing to beat an opponent. The first is: What do I want to happen? And, the second: What do I have to avoid?

Realizing that I have to use my mental strength as equally as my physical strengths may just be what I need to get my head properly in the game.

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