Norman Steisel Deputy Mayor has a versatile and dynamic background. Before becoming First Deputy Mayor of NYC from 1990-1994, Mr. Steisel was involved in government work as he reigned as the Sanitation Commissioner. While he was at this position he ended up serving the longest term for that office.

In 1986, Norman Steisel Deputy Mayor left city government to join pursue a career in investment banking. While working as an investor, Mr. Steisel advised on matters ranging from waste disposal, water treatment, air pollution, and debt insurance. The signs were pointing him back to city government once more and he went back to office.

However, after Norman Steisel Deputy Mayor served his term, he went on to work as a consultant on a variety of “green” projects, and continued his work in water treatment and waste management.

Shasta Pools in the news

January 20, 2009

I’ve been hearing so much about Shasta Pools in the news lately. I was familiar with the pool design company since I visited my friend’s house in Arizona. She had a pool party to celebrate her new home attribute. I had no idea that pools could be so artistically unique. And as it was told to me, the usually dreadful process of having your backyard torn up and reconstructed was a breeze.

So when I read about the latest trend with Shasta Pools, it caught my attention. Malls throughout Arizona are incorporating the one-of-a-kind designs into the structure of their new developments.

The water experience provides a playful splash pad that is illuminated by colorful lights and large jets give children streams of water to play. This splash pool design is also available for the backyard. Shasta Pools has yet again proved to be the forward-thinking pool design company. Even if just for splashing around.

It’s no secret that health insurance is a hot topic right now. And with the high prices of current providers, it’s important to do the research and find the right company for you. After helping my parents check and cross-check health insurance companies, we found one that might be the right choice: United American Insurance Company.

A large and reputable provider, United American Insurance Company, has been around for a long time. Since 1947 to be exact. And since the founding of UAIC, it has grown to reach 49 states. It also grown to be recognized a top-notch provider with impressive customer service.

The main reason United Health Insurance Company is appealing to our particular needs is that they specialize in senior health plans. So even if shopping around for health insurance is a bit unexciting, it is an important to decision for you and your family. And it is important to find the right provider.

Dr. Paul Offit’s Vaccine

January 19, 2009

Paul Offit, author of Vaccinated: One Man’s Quest to Defeat the World’s Deadliest Diseases (HarperCollins, 2007) has been interested in medicine as far back as when he was five years old. He was sent to the polio ward in his local hospital to recover from a surgery to correct his clubfoot. It was here that Dr. Offit came to be inspired to be a renown vaccine expert.

Eventually, Dr. Paul Offit would develop the rotavirus vaccine. Rotavirus is a highly contagious infection that nearly every child has experienced by the age of five. The symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea and eventually lead to dehydration. It is certainly not pleasant.

The vaccine that Dr. Paul Offit offers protection from the virus, and is becoming available in developing countries.

It’s very exciting remolding your home! On the other hand, it can be a stressful process. Finding the right company to take on this tremendous feat is a big deal. That’s why it’s important to be confident with the people you choose to remodel your house. And, that’s what I hear about K-Designers offer: A healthy dose of confidence.

K-Designers is unique in the way that the employees are trained to exceed their client’s expectations. The first person you talk to will ensure this trust and the last person you communicate with will happily surprise you when delivering the same commitment.

With over thirty years of remodeling experience–and with over 100, 000 satisfied customers (!)–it’s easy to see why K-Designers are so often recommended. And, if these reasons don’t make you rest easily, K-Designers are fully licensed and insured. Also, you will don’t pay a cent until the work is complete and you are satisfied! Nothing spells confidence like K-Designers.

In our volatile economic climate, it’s very interesting to know what monetary elements are hold more weight than others. For example, world investors are presently securing their assets with gold says precious metal expert, Andrew Wilshire.

According to Andrew Wilshire, the worsening economy is actually driving the surge in gold and silver. In fact, gold is at its highest level in three months. And, while oil prices are soaring and the dollar is weakening, precious metals are actually considered “safe” investments that  continue to strengthen.

If your belly turns with each new article you read about the current economy, Andrew Wilshire encourages us to be assured that gold has hit a lifetime high. It’s quite an appealing alternative investment.

I love everything about the sport tennis: watching it, the style of it, the history of it . . . playing it. I add the last with hesitation because as much as I do enjoying playing tennis, I am not-s0-good at tennis. So, while perusing the Internet, I found some advice on preparing for a match from from tennis enthusiast, Nachshon Draiman.

Nachshon Draiman reminds us to remember to that tennis is a mental game and to prepare before even stepping onto the court. One key element is to know your opponent. Get know their strengths weaknesses and how to match it with your own abilities.

It’s also important to ask yourself two questions, according to Nachshon Draiman, when preparing to beat an opponent. The first is: What do I want to happen? And, the second: What do I have to avoid?

Realizing that I have to use my mental strength as equally as my physical strengths may just be what I need to get my head properly in the game.

When I find something good, I like to know all about it. I am intrigued by the history, the philosophy, the story. Consolidated Resorts is an example.

Twenty-nine years ago, the vision for a leadership in the vacation ownership industry was born. Consolidated Resorts started in Hawaii in 1980 and its reputation for experience, longevity, financial strength, leadership, customer service, and vacation accommodations holds true today. Today, Consolidated Resorts now has thirteen vacation ownership properties in three states including Hawaii, Nevada, and Florida.

Because of the positive, unique philosophy behind the company, along with high standards and customer satisfaction, Consolidated Resorts continues to grow. And, it’s reputation continues to build with it.

The very idea of jazz impresses and intrigues me: the elements of improvisation, poly-rhythms, and blue and swing notes. It’s an extremely complicated art form, and yet so seamlessly effortless to listen to. Mohammed Babandgida writes that, “Jazz is the American genre of music which originated in the 20th century in African American communities in the south.”

Mohammed Babangida then comments on the ambiguous deviation of the term jazz–which is thought to be originally slang.

Today, jazz influences are noticed in funk and hip-hop. But the most notable jazz musicians, according to Mohammaed Babangida include Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Kid Ory, and Lionel Hampton.

Check out these jazz greats!

Tim Arel: Property Manager

January 18, 2009

Tim Arel came into the field of property management in a round-about way. His interest was concentrated in economics when he attended St. Anselm College, where he graduated with honors. This lead to a professorship in economics. Soon though, his interests evolved to the broader scope of social sciences and his career turned to law.

While practicing law, Tim Arel was in the throes of real estate investing, financial control, marketing and accounting and negotiating terms for complex contracts. Following the signs that pointed to a career where challenges are relished, he found his himself as an executive in a grounds maintenance company.

Tim Arel finally found his professional home. Today, Mr. Arel oversees all aspects of property management for North Point Property Management, where he oversees training, business development, and corporate financial planning for the company.