Popcorn: The Sweetest Thing

December 1, 2008

My work phone rang the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It was the building’s messenger center relaying that I had a personal package waiting for me. Around the holidays, very few things get me excited at work, but opening a special delivery from my four-year-old nephew of my favorite treat–popcorn–made my spirits soar!

The gift set from The Popcorn Factory included three festive and autumnal tins, each filled with seasonal gourmet popcorn such as tart Cranberry popcorn, nutty-caramel Pixie® corn, and Caramel Apple popcorn. The flavors are a treat. And, if you’re interested in making fast friends with your co-workers, offer them a sample. After one bite, I couldn’t get them out of my office!

The popularity of this popcorn sparked the idea of sending my own popcorn gifts for the upcoming holidays. The prices range offers enough variety that it’s possible to send a little cheer of loads of merriment! Whatever size you do choose, the recipient will be touched by the notion while indulging in the deliciousness of this unique gift. And, I can send this joy by with just a couple of clicks on my computer.

It is the holidays; and I can think of no better way to spread joy. And, while some popcorn flavors may be salty, tart, zingy, and nutty, I considered this gift from my nephew to truly be the sweetest thing.


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