Dr. Paul Offit’s fifth book

December 23, 2008

It’s hard to believe that Dr. Paul Offit has had the time to write another book. As a young medical student Paul Offit was drawn to challenges. He eventually found his niche in the medical world in the department of infectious disease and vaccines. Thirty years later, Dr. Offit is the Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases and Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. In addition, Dr. Paul Offit is also a professor, and has published over 130 medical and scientific papers on his work.

In addition, Dr. Paul Offit is the co-inventor of a rota-virus vaccine. For all of these achievements, Dr. Offit has received numerous awards and recognitions for his contribution to the medical world.

In his fifth and latest book, Autism’s False Prophets: Bad Science, Risky Medicine, and the Search for a cure, Dr. Offit explores the science behind the autism in children. For more about Dr. Paul Offit‘s work, check out his book reviews online.

Being a New Yorker, I can vouch for the convenience Amos Tamam has provided for citizens of the five Burroughs.

I know many like me  who has opted for a taxi ride, instead of subway ride, in the wee hours of the morning, and its raining. And, after several minutes of standing in the pouring rain, an open cab finally agrees to take you to Brooklyn. So, there you are. You’re sitting in the back of a cab… without any cash.

Amos Tamam developed a device that allows taxi riders to pay for their fare with a credit card using wireless technology. So smart. This means passengers don’t have to worry about carrying around loads of cash, but either do cab drivers. The entire system is safer, and much more efficient.

I’ve heard that Amos Tamam is still at work creating new technology for taxi cabs in New York City, Philadelphia, and eventually, cities everywhere.

Shasta Pools make it their business to create pools as unique and one-of-a-kind as their clients. I’ve never encountered another pool like the one of my friend’s, in Arizona. The design was innovative and fit perfectly into her small backyard. It didn’t look cramped or overcrowded, but instead was nestled naturally and beautifully, making the most of the cozy space.

When first deciding to build a pool, much should be considered: the design that will be best for your yard space, the financial comfort level, and personal style. It’s also important to think about how your pool will be used. Do you have kids? Will you be entertaining?

Shasta Pools work with their clients to discover the answer to all of these elements. And, they will keep an open communication with you throughout the pool building process, which is comforting when taking upon a daunting exploration.

If you’re looking into buying a pool, check out the Shasta Pools website to discover their skillful designs and to schedule a free consultation.

The secret to a successful career may be working hard. But, the secret to enjoying a successful career, may be working hard and relaxing plenty!

Mohammed Babangida may have it all figured out. With an extensive business background that includes working in the oil and gas industries, banking, real estate, and security services, it is apparent that    Mohammed Babanginda is not the type to shy away from stressful situations.

But it is apparent that Mohammed Babangida counters those high-intensity scenarios with fulfilling encounters outside of the work place. It is know for him to dedicate his energy in philanthropic activities, playing sports such as polo, and listening to music while relaxing with his family.

It seems Mr. Babangida is a reminder of how the modern businessperson should approach life–with balance.

Jared Metz: Start something

December 18, 2008

You’ve got a great new idea? You’re ready to start your own business. Great!

Where’s the money? you ask.

Surprisingly, there more funding sources that you may think in New York City. Jared Metz, for example, is a fellow entrepreneur who has a knack for making things happen, and now finances businesses for projects.

Jared Metz founded his first company straight out of college. His path into the funding business is an interesting road map. Starting off in medical entrepreneurial field, he transitioned into entertainment production, and then organizing a comedy festival and a program for gift suites for major Hollywood award shows.

If you have an idea and are up for a challenge, go after it! Do your research. And follow Jason Metz as an example of how talent and determination can trump anything. And, perhaps one day, Jason Metz will be helping fund one of your major projects!

Aloha Kauai

December 18, 2008

I just returned from the small island of Kauai, Hawaii! If you are looking for a place to vacation, let me fill you in on this slice of paradise.

Let me begin by giving a proper nod to Consolidated Resorts, the company through which we traveled, for providing our delightful vacation. Our beautiful boutique hotel, The Kauai, is located directly overlooking the beach. Every morning, we woke to the most memorable beach view. Then, we’d have sip coffee listening to the sounds of waves crashing on the white sand while basking in the warm, fresh, salty air!

Consolidated Resorts was also great about planning activities for us to do during the day: we golfed, we swam in the pool, we went horseback riding, visited amazing waterfalls, and relaxed!

Kauai has a grand canyon, lush island garden, beautiful beaches, and delicious native food. Check out Consolidated Resorts for more about this terrific little get-away.

Joseph Odindo: Small town boy

December 18, 2008

Never underestimate the influence of dedicated family. Take Joseph Odindo, National Media Group’s Managing Editor, and his small town background.

Born in a small village in North West Ugenya in Kenya, Joseph Odindo was brought up to revere education and the power of knowledge. As a young boy, his father impressed upon him the important his studies and encouraged him to pursue his interests in journalism.

With the support of his family, Joseph Odindo did just that. Currently, Mr. Odindo is considered a primary influence in the NMG and manages the the largest stable of newspaper in East and Central Africa.

Nation Media Group, founded by His Highness Aga Khan, is the largest independent media group in East and Central Africa and is devoted to providing accurate and non-biased information to Kenyan’s, subject neither to factional, commercial, religious, or political interests. The idea of free press was very important to Aga Khan, and his ideals for the advancement of modern Kenya. This belief is shared, and demonstrated, by today’s NMG’s Editorial Director, Wangethi Mwangi.

Surely, Aga Khan and Wangethi Mwangi, would have supported 1992’s International Freedom of Expression Exchange. The network that promotes freedom of expression globally.

For a veteran journalist, for someone like Wangethi Mwangi, free press is paramount. He has been quoted saying, “The Nation Media Group has been one of the key players in the independence campaign for Kenya, and a champion of democracy in East Africa”.

I have to agree with Aga Khan: Freedom of expression shapes not only Kenya, but also the world.

Property Management 411

December 17, 2008

I’ve attended my first condo board meeting for my building. And, I have to say, I didn’t realize how much work is done–not by the board–but by an outside property management company.

A management company–in our case, North Point Management headed by Tim Arel–offers a full list of services. These include the obvious maintenance, landscaping, and day-to-day operations, but also financial, accounting, and administrative responsibility, our condo budget, community support, and resident relations. Who knew? Not me. A management company is like a silent partner. That gets things done: While the residents are meeting with the long-winded and sometimes stuffy heads of the board, Tim Arel is out there making sure things run smoothly and successfully.

I also discovered that Tim Arel and his colleagues actually set up said meeting, as well as handling reports for our association.

Needless to say, that is the first and last association meeting I will attend. Everything’s already under control.

Double Deck the Halls

December 11, 2008

It’s that time of year: the holidays!

I am already planning my party. As usual, it will double as a single’s get-to-know-someone party. That also means double the people, double the food, double the stress. 

But, I’m getting a head start by shopping early. For anyone also planning a big “To-Do”, my to-do list includes: creating a menu, shopping for Christmas decorations , looking up festive cocktails, and researching entertaining Christmas party games… to keep things interesting.

The first on my list is to plan the simple but elegant Christmas decorations. I’ll use Pine garland around the doors and windows, and add deep burgundy and amber ribbons of bows throughout. I’ll stick with this color scheme throughout–forest green, dark red, and golden/yellow–by including the same colored candles and cloth napkins. The Pine will be fragrant as well as lovely! (I found this idea on Celebrations.com, along with many other easy-to-plan decorating ideas.)

Since there will be a large crowd, I thought that some Christmas party games will encourage mingling and the chance to meet someone new. I’ve already ordered my pinata. This, coupled with Name that Christmas Song and How to Play Dirty Santa (ideas from Celebrations.com), should get everyone in the festive spirit!

Each year the party has been a huge success. It takes a lot of preparation, loads of Christmas decorations, imaginative Christmas party games , and tons of personality. But, it’s always been my favorite way to spread holiday cheer!