If you are looking to build a new pool, Shasta Pools should be a known name in your household.

Shasta Pools take pool design to a new level. Their artistic designs are truly amazing. Arizona State University recently sought them out to design and build the pool for their aquatic center. This is evidence that they are capable of building the top-quality and beautifully designed pools for each specific client. Even the college crowd–a tough-to-please customer.

If you already have a pool, and it needs maintenance and repair, Shasta Pools offers professional service at great prices and savings.

Check out Shasta Pools for a great pool-buying experience.


Consolidated Resorts review

November 18, 2008

Are you planning a vacation? Are you looking to enhance your vacation experience? Do you want the best value and savings offered? Check out Consolidated Resorts.

Make your vacation a memorable experience with the help of Consolidated Resorts, a leader in the travel industry. It’s satisfying to know that my travel company makes client satisfaction a top priority. Also, they are the best priced and have many locations to choose.

If all of this sounds appealing, imagine working for a Consolidated Resorts, a company that considers honesty and integrity the highest business ethics.

That’s a vacation in itself.

Are you looking for a reputable agent for New Hampshire real estate? Good news, you just found one: Tim Arel of Evergreen Management in Bedford, New Hampshire.

Buying real estate can be a daunting process and I encourage anyone looking for property in New England area to begin by networking with Tim Arel.

There are so many real estate agents today, it’s hard to know where to start. Get connected with Tim Arel, and go from there.

If you live in California, you should know the name, Andy Barkate.

With an impressive resume that includes financial author, teacher, speaker, and philanthropist, Andy Barkate is most likely known for retirement plans and workshops. Hi company, California Retirement Plans LLC, specializes in small businesses and individual investors, and works with many of the countries top investment and insurance firms.

Get connected with Andy Barkate, to me, a name synonymous with peace of mind. Especially since I hail from California and my parents still reside there.

It’s good to sleep well at night knowing your financial future is in good hands.

A recent writing project required me to look in to Kenya’s media capabilities. While looking into this, I came across, Nation Media Group, the largest publisher in West Africa.

I found the history of the media group to be impressive, and Linus Gitahi to be noteworthy.

Last February, Linus Gitahi spoke at the Leadership Forum at The Stanley Hotel. The specific topic: “Africa’s Competitive Advantage in the Global Marketplace”. Here, Gitahi illustrates his knowledge of economy, communication, and responsibility in Africa, and does so with a hopeful tone.

Intrigued, I contacted Linus Gitahi, and plan to research him further.