Nachshon Draiman and Future Associates

October 17, 2008

Nachshon Draiman, frounder and creator of Future Associates, found his niche in the real estate world by recognizing the need to rebuild long-term care facilities for the elederly and physically and mentally handicap in the Chicago area. Over the past 20 years, countless long-term care facilities have been restructured under his vision and guidance.

Draiman, using the foundation and experience of creating explemary long-term care facilities, broadened his real estate and entrepreneurial ventures to include international hotel delvelopment. The relationship later formed with AIG insurance–providing secondary mortgage insurance abroad–was seemless and natural.

Draiman and Future Associates are presently expanding their healthcare and related services in senior housing and elderly care, along with providing managment for companies in the energy and untility industry, and continuing to explore opportunites in real estate and business.


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