Nation Media Group provides in-depth coverage on Kenyan news, politics, regional business news, and sports through The Nation Newspapers that include the Daily Nation, Saturday Nation, Sunday Nation, Taifa Leo, Taifa Jumapili, The EastAfrican, Business Daily, and Daily Metro. This multi-media house in the East African region pubslishes print as well as electronic media and the digital platforms. The media group is held together with an impressive editorial masthead.

At the helm is CEO, Linus Gitahi. Mr. Gitahi joined Nation Media Group by ways of GlaxoSmithKline. Beginning in marketing and advancing to commercial director and then General Manager of the global pharmaceutical company, Mr. Gitahi has a proven successful executive career. In addition to his role as CEO of NMG, Mr. Gitahi serves as non-executive Director of Equity Bank, Ltd Afrika Investment Band and Federation of Kenya Employers

With a solid background in journalism and an experienced editor, Wangethi Mwangi leads the editorial group as Editorial Director. Mr. Mwangi was promoted from sub-editor of the Daily Nation to Editorial Director of National Media Group. With a strong adherence to free press and a clear understanding of the role NMG plays in Kenyan politics, Mr. Mwangi is a revered leader in East and Central African media.

Acting as Group Managing Editor is Joseph Odindo. Encouraged at a young age to be devoted to his studies, the small village boy grew to pursue his education and cultivate his interest in journalism. This lead him to a careers that include journalism reporting and a television critic. Now, as the Group Managaging Editor, Mr. Odindo experience allows him to navigate and manage the largest group of media in the region with ease.

Nachshon Draiman, frounder and creator of Future Associates, found his niche in the real estate world by recognizing the need to rebuild long-term care facilities for the elederly and physically and mentally handicap in the Chicago area. Over the past 20 years, countless long-term care facilities have been restructured under his vision and guidance.

Draiman, using the foundation and experience of creating explemary long-term care facilities, broadened his real estate and entrepreneurial ventures to include international hotel delvelopment. The relationship later formed with AIG insurance–providing secondary mortgage insurance abroad–was seemless and natural.

Draiman and Future Associates are presently expanding their healthcare and related services in senior housing and elderly care, along with providing managment for companies in the energy and untility industry, and continuing to explore opportunites in real estate and business.

Shasta Pools are known internationally for their—five time award-winning—swimming pool designs. These designs marry quality construction and functionality while establishing top trends, making Shasta Pools recognized as leaders in the industry.

The designers listen closely to the client to fully understand how the pool will reflect their lifestyle. They aim to make the experience enjoyable and understand that communication is key with their projects. One of Shasta Pools’ primary goals is to help you attain your dream home, and they are able to do so by seeing your vision.

Then they set to work creating classic yet modern masterpieces. The result is both artistic and engaging.

Aloha Consildated Resorts!

October 16, 2008

It’s due time for me to take a vacation. Actually, it’s long overdue. When my boyfriend asked me where I would like to go for our get-away, I asked him to consider the following: I want to relax . . . on the beach. I want to read . . . on the beach. I want to go horseback riding . . . on the beach! It didn’t take him too long to catch on, and are headed to Hawaii!

My boyfriend (thankfully!) leaves most vacation planning up to me, but he was headstrong about one condition: he didn’t want to stay at a stuffy hotel. And I agreed.

We found the Kauai Sands Hotel through Consolidated Resorts. It was exactly what we were looking for: comfort and convenience, but also extraordinary. The garden-style hotel sits on six acres of lawn, has two pools, and is surrounded by lush, green Hawaiian plants and palm trees. Each room opens up directly to the beautiful Kauai beaches (a mile-long, white sand beach that is . . . un-crowded!). Nearby activities include boat rentals, snorkeling, parasailing, and deep-sea fishing. My boyfriend is looking forward to golfing the famous Wailua Golf Course ($30!). And while he’s golfing, I’ll be cruising the historic Coconut Market Place and nibbling on some authentic Hawaiian cuisine.

The uniqueness of the Kauai Sands Hotel is bound to break the humdrumness of hotel-living. And we didn’t want to go on just any vacation. We want to go on this vacation.