Rock me Amadeus

September 23, 2008

My sister—much to my protest—inherited the family piano we had as kids. I love this piano! However, another thing I did not inherit is a single, solitary musical bone in my body. So there it sits: grandly in my sister’s home.

My nephew, on the other hand, is so interested in music. I’m convinced he possess one of those off-the-wall genes that makes you a genius. So every chance I get, I push him frantically toward the piano in hopes that one day I will eventually become known as his Svengali!

I bought him a gift certificate to Amadeus Home Music School for his birthday and he loves it. He’s still just a kid—four years old—but his teacher is patient and treats him like a regular student. She pushes him as I have hoped I would have been encouraged when I was studying piano. She arrives sometime during the day, during my nephew’s peak hours (when he’s not totally crashing and throwing a fit) and he has a blast! And, it’s totally worth sitting by proudly as he “practices”!


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