Puppy Tales

September 19, 2008

When I was a kid, we had a Golden Retriever. His name was Grady. He was beautiful: huge floppy paws, long white-yellowish fur, and a big, wet black nose. My mom likes to recall the story of how Grady was so attached to my brother, sister, and myself, that around 3:00 everyday—just before the school bus turned the corner of our street—Grady would situate himself at the front window and plop his big head on this sill, watch us get off of the school bus, and walk home. As soon as we walked through the door, Grady’s tail was happily a-wagging!

I’ve recently decided to get a dog of my own . . . a Golden Retriever. I did my research and decided that Happiness Is Pets is the perfect place to find my new friend. Happiness Is Pets specializes in puppies and is dedicated to providing the best care for their pups. They genuinely care for the health and happiness of the dogs (they have the best health warranty in the industry and provide FREE vet visits the first 14 days you have your new puppy).

I want to spend time with a puppy and know that it is healthy and well socialized before I bring it into my home to meet my family!


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