Goodbye Greasy Car Dealers… Hello Weekend!

September 19, 2008

I have a distinct memory of car buying as a child. Our family would wake up early—usually on a Saturday and usually when it was inevitably raining—and hit up every car dealership in our town. Once my parents settled on a car they deemed suitable and affordable (or we had simply become too bedraggled and defeated to care), my father would disappear into a tiny office to (apparently) haggle for hours while my mother, sister, brother, and myself stared wide-eyed as men accumulated around the water cooler to do, well, seemingly nothing.          

This was not the way I wanted to spend my weekend.

This memory alone makes me never want to take another step inside a car dealership. That’s why Sands Brothers Chrysler is right up my alley. PA dealers actually compete for your business. And get this: all from the comforts of your computer. You can research and design your dream car, and get a free auto quote from trusted dealers. You can even shop for a used car. Now this is stress-free car buying; it just can’t get any easier!

Goodbye car dealerships . . . hello weekend!


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